Mockplus iDoc supports downloading the offline demo package of your prototypes. Therefore, you can can download interactive prototypes and preview them offline. Download demo package Click the download logoon the right side of the menu bar and select “Download demo package”.


In Mockplus, the design specs can automatically be generated, faster and easier for view.   Specs mode There are 3 specs modes in Mockplus iDoc. 1. not select any layers Without selecting any layers, if you move between the layers,


In Mockplus iDoc, there are various comment styles provided for you to betterexpress your ideas and opinions.   Comment styles Currently,there are 6 comment styles available for your choose, including: Pin, Circle,Rectangle, Arrow, Line and Text.   Add an comment


Click “Preview” on the top toolbar to demonstrate your created interactive prototypes.   Sample:   Navigation Bar The navigation bar offers useful options to facilitate your previewing process, including “Show control panel”, “Home”, “Back”, “Forward”, “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”. Web project:


In Mockplus iDoc, you can easily upload documents and file attachments in different formats.   Document Management 1.Upload Document Click “Upload document” to upload your files. By the way, every document has been limited to 100MB. If you have a