Learning about the Mockplus ‘Link Point’ helps you build interactive prototypes rapidly.

What is a Link Point in Mockplus?

Click on a component, and a dot will show at the upper right corner.

What Is Link Point

Page Link

When you want to build a link between pages, drag the Link Point of the component to the targeted page on the Project Tree. In this way, a Page Link is built, which means that the targeted page will be jumped to by clicking the Button.

Page Link

Press F5 to review the effect.

Interactive Component

The same way can be used for creating an interactive component in a page. Drag the Link Point of the component (the Button) to another component (the Image), and choose one trigger mode (OnClick) and one interactive command (Move). In this way, an interactive component is made.

Interactive Componnet

Press F5 and press the button to review the effect.

Review Effect

Interaction 4 – Use Link Point to Create Interactive Prototypes in Mockplus