Mockplus v3.0 adds team collaboration functions, including multi-user editing and review.

1. Multi-user editing

A. Create a team project.

create a team project

new team project


B. Sync the project to the cloud.

sync to the cloud


C. Add a collaborative member.

add team member

member email address

D. Now the member can open the project on his/her own PC.


open team project


E. You are temporarily unable to edit the pages when the project is opened. A page can’t be edited by multiple users at the same time, and you need to get the edit permission first to edit it.

get editing permission


Click the small icon in front of the page node. Then it will become a green dot, which means it can be edited now. The meaning of the small icon:

Red: This page is being edited by others. Click it, and you are allowed to get the editing permission.

Black: This page is not being edited. Click it, and you can get the editing permission immediately.

Green: You are editing this page and it can’t be edited by others.

icon meanings


F. After the project is completed, you can publish it for others to view online.

publish project



2. Review

Another feature of team collaboration is online review. When previewing in HTML, you can mark up the pages and add comments.

After the project is published, you can send review invites via emails (you can also choose to copy the link and send it to others).

notify people to review

notification content


When entering markup mode, you can use markup tool to express your ideas.


different mark tools


Comments and markups will be respectively displayed on the message notification board according to revisions.

comment & remark

write down your comments

new message

mark actions



See Video Tutorial:

Team Collaboration in Mockplus