iBetter is an app that can help you develop a good habit and abandon a bad habit. The first page contains a special calendar that can help record your daily work and life events. And this prototype features for a set of Icon Button components in the bottom which has a zooming effect while being clicked. You can easily approach that merely by using Icon Button components,  setting a deeper color and adding a zooming interaction effect there.

Let’s see it in GIF:


Click here to preview it online:  http://run.mockplus.com/3XmlYeHB9sRLbkQR/index.html

UI Flow in large size:


Pages of this prototype: Home, History, Add Schedule, Settings and Feedback, etc.

The project file can be downloaded here.

All pages of the album (9 pics in total) can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy it!



Mockplus Sample Design – iBetter (App, Recording)