Mockplus iDoc offers users a plugin to export artboards with slices marked from Sketch directly and quickly.



Download the Photoshop plugin at ( and click to install it on your computer.


Open the Sketch Plugin to Get Started

After installing the plugin on your computer successfully, find and open it like this: Plugins > Mockplus iDoc:



Register & Log In

Log in with your Mockplus account (the account of your Mockplus prototyping tool or Mockplus DS can also be used in Mockplus iDoc, too) .



Mark Slices

Select the layers or folders of the needed slices and click “Make Exportable” in the lower-right corner of sketch to mark slices.

There is no need to set a pixel density for these artboards since Mockplus iDoc will automatically generate different pixel densities for these slices online.



Upload Artboards 

Expand the drop-down project list to choose a target project.



Select Different Pixel Densities

Expand the drop-down pixel density list to choose a needed pixel density. If you forget to set a pixel density for your artboards in this plugin, you can also set it later on the web.

For example, if you have an artboard in 375pt*667pt, @1× is a good choice.



Upload all your artboards or the selected artboards with one click after marking all slices successfully. Then, other designers and developers can log in to freely view or download these marked slices on the web.



State page

Select a single artboard in Sketch and click the “Upload as state” button on the iDoc plugin panel to upload a state page. Click here to view detailed steps of state page.





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