The full-featured storyboard of Mockplus iDoc displays all the pages of the project.


Canvas view

1. move the canvas

You can move the canvas by pressing down the left mouse button in the blank area.

Also, you can move the canvas wherever you want by pressing the Enter key and left mouse button together. It’s possible to drag and drop the canvas on the page.


2. zoom in/out the canvas

You can zoom in or out the canvas by:

  • click on the scaler.
  • click Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel.
  • click Ctrl++ to zoom in, Ctrl+- to zoom out, and Ctrl+1 to display the canvas in 100% percentage.

3. make an overview on the canvas

Right click on the canvas and select “Overview” from the pop-up menu on the right or press the shortcut key F, and you will make the canvas automatically zoom to the proportion that just fits all the pages.


4. preview the canvas in demo mode

Right click on the canvas and select “Preview” from the pop-up menu on the right or press the shortcut key P, and you will enter the demo mode. Press the “Esc” key to exit the demo mode.



Canvas navigation

The canvas navigation feature can display the current viewable area, and you can move the small rectangle for quick positioning.

Right click on the canvas and select Navigation from the pop-up menu on the right or press the shortcut key M, you can show/hide the canvas navigation.



Move page

You can select the page by:

  • Left click on the page to select one single page.
  • Hold down Shift and left click on the pages continuously for selection.
  • Hold down Shift and left click with mouse drag to select multiple pages.

You can move the page by dragging it after selecting the page.



Page logic line

The logic line is used to represetn the logical relationship between pages.

1. add logic line

Select one page and drag the left arrow to the other page in order to create a logic line. Double-click on the logic line to add your description.


2. delete logic line

Select the logic line, right click and select “Delete” for deletion. Or, press the “Delete” key after selecting the logic line for deletion.


3. show/hide logic line description

Right click on the canvas and choose “Logic line description”, or press shortcut key L to show/hide logic line description.



Page operation

Right click on the page and there will be a pop-up menu where you can: Copy (Ctrl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V), Delete (Delete), Focus, Download and Set as cover.

Note that, if you select “Focus”, the page will be 100% centered on the canvas.


You can select “Download page” to download the selected page, and select “Set as cover” to set the selected page as the project cover.

Furthermore, right click on the canvas and select “Download all pages” from the pop-up menu to download all the pages on the canvas.



Page mark

The page markup can indicate the status and progress of the page.

1. add page markup

Click the arrow icon at the top left of the page to expand the page marker panel where you can select the color and icon to your requirement. Once added, the page markers will be displayed on the canvas and project tree.


2. delete the page markup

Click to expand the page marker panel and select the icon on the second row to delete the page marker.


3. When the page is selected, click the “Set home” icon on the top left corner and you will set the page as home page.



Custom Storyboard Color and Line Color

You can change the colors of storyboard and Line by click the settings button and select the colors as you like. Click “Reset”, and it will recover to the default colors.




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