In Mockplus iDoc, there are various comment styles provided for you to betterexpress your ideas and opinions.

Comment styles

Currently,there are 6 comment styles available for your choose, including: Pin, Circle,Rectangle, Arrow, Line and Text.

Add an comment

Inthe upper Comment toolbar, you can click to select the needed comment tool.Click on Pin to enter your comments or press and move the mouse to use Circle,Rectangle, Arrow and Line tools.

Also,you can use the shortcut keys to select or toggle the comment tools: Select=V,Pin=D, Circle=C, Rectangle=R, Arrow=A, Line=L.

ThePin tool includes various marker color for highlighting the project importanceand completion. After entering the text content, click to send the comments inthe Pin. From the upper-left drop-down menu, you can select the comment status- Unresolved, Completed, Resolved. Also, click Delete option for commentdeletion and click Pencil option for comment editing.

Select an comment

Thecomment panel displays all of history comments. Click the upper-left drop-downmenu on the panel, you can select the Unresolved, Completed, Resolved, Allstatus to filter the comments. You can also filter the comments that are addedand replied by me by checking the “Related to me” option.

Clickon the comment on the comment panel to reply. The reply can be modified anddeleted.

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