Click “Preview” on the top toolbar to demonstrate your created interactive prototypes.






Navigation Bar

The navigation bar offers useful options to facilitate your previewing process, including “Show control panel”, “Home”, “Back”, “Forward”, “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”.

Web project:


In mobile project,Click “Scan QR code”. A QR code will be automatically generated. Scan the code and preview your project quickly with your mobile devices.

Please note: This function is only workable for Mobile projects.


Click “Share” . A URL will be automatically generated. Copy this link and send it to your colleagues to view your interactive prototypes.


Start from homepage/Start from current page (New)


Click the Preview button in the upper right corner to start the demo from the home page by default. Click on the drop-down triangle to the right of the Preview button to start the demo from the current page.



Related Operations

Also, tick options in the upper left corner, including “Always show link area” and “Show link area on mouse hover”.

Web project:


In mobile project,expand the drop-down box to choose a device frame, such as  iPhoneX, iPhone, Android and Pad.




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