In Mockplus iDoc, you can easily upload documents and file attachments in different formats.


Document Management

1.Upload Document

Click “Upload document” to upload your files. By the way, every document has been limited to 100MB. If you have a document which exceeds 100MB, it is suggested for you to store it on a Cloud drive and add a Cloud link instead.


2.Add Link

Click “Add link”. A window will pop out and ask you to type the title and link of your document. In this way, you can preview the document by clicking the added title or link.


3.Online Preview

Click document titles to preview them online. Many prevailed file types can be previewed online, such as Axure/Mockplus/Justinmind HTML offline zip packages, World/Excel/PPT/PDF/Text files, images(JPG/PNG/GIF/SVG), etc.

Please note: About the Axure/Mockplus/Justinmind HTML offline zip package, only the utf-8 format is supported.


4.Download Document

Click “Download” icon or document names to download uploaded files.


5.Delete Document

Click “Delete” to remove all selected documents after ticking the checkboxes in front of these files.



Manage Group

1.Create Group

Click “Settings” icon to create a group in the “Manage group” page.



2.Move Documents to Groups

Move documents to different groups by selecting documents, clicking “Move” and choosing a group in the drop-down list.




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