In Mockplus iDoc, you can divide projects into different groups for better management. Every group can be allocated with multiple projects and every project can have different participants/members.


Set Projects

1.Create A New Project

You can create a new project by clicking “Create project”  in the team page. In Mockplus iDoc, two types of projects can be added: “Mobile” and “Web” projects.


2.View All Projects of the Team

Note that only a supper administrator has the right to view all projects.

Easily check all project list by clicking “View all projects of the team”.


3. Clone ProjectS

You can clone a project by clicking a “Clone” icon as below:


4.Delete Project

You can delete a project by clicking a trash can icon as below:


5.Rename Project

Rename a project by clicking the project name.


Click the “Setting” icon on left-upper corner of the project and rename it under the “Basic settings” section of the popped-out “Settings” page.


6.Edit Project Description

You can also edit the project description under the “Basic setting” section of the “Setting” page.


Also, select a color for the project to indicate its importance and completion status through the color picker.

The color bar will be shown on the top of the project.


7.Project Cover

Add a project cover by right clicking a project page and select “Set as cover”.


8.Reorder Projects

By default, projects are sorted by time. You can also re-order projects with simple drag-and-drop.


Manage Project Groups

1.View Project Groups

View and switch project groups by clicking group buttons as below:

2.Group Projects

Click “Settings” icon to enter the “Manage group” page, which displays all project groups and corresponding projects within these groups.

Click group buttons and tick checkboxes in front of these projects to group them.

3.Create/Delete A Project Group

Click “Setting” icon in the “Project group” page.

Click “Create group” to create a new project group. Also, click trash can icons to delete project groups.

Note that projects within this group only become ungrouped, not being removed, after a project group has been deleted.

4.Rename Project Groups

Rename project groups by clicking pencil icons.

Manage Project Members

1.View Project Members

Click “Setting” button on the project and view project members under the “Project member” section of the popped-out “Settings” page.

2.Add/Delete Project Members

Click “Manage member”  and all members of your team will be shown in the pop-out “Manage member” window.

Select or unselect members to add or delete project members. Red circle indicates that the member has already been included in this project. Gray circle indicates that the member has not been added to the project yet.

You can pre-set the projects which members can participate in while inviting them.



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