State diagram, which uploads multiple copies in one page, retaining different states. The hacker iDoc state diagram also supports automatic carousel, drag and drop adjustment sequence, merge or detach, etc… Xiao Mo first to show you:



State map upload

The state diagram supports Sketch and PS plug-in uploads. The following is an example of PS plug-in upload:

  • Upload the state diagram in the PS and select a single artboard (Note: if you select multiple artboards or select a layer during the process, you cannot upload it).
  • Click the “Upload Status Map” button to complete the upload of the first artboard status.
  • After modifying the contents of the artboard, select the artboard again and click the “Upload Status Chart” button.
  • At this time, if you want to replace the previously uploaded page, select the “Overwrite existing state” option and select the page to be overwritten;
  • If you want to upload a new page, select the “Add new status” option and enter the page name. All uploaded status maps will be displayed in the iDoc artboard. (Multiple state diagram uploads repeat the above operation).



View the status map details you want to overwrite

When you select “Overwrite existing status”, the status map that was previously uploaded is displayed below. Double-click on the thumbnail below to view the details of the previous state diagram and select the state diagram you want to overwrite.


State map carousel

Viewing each status map can be done by clicking on the dot below. You can also place the mouse on the page and click the play button in the center of the page. The status map will automatically rotate.


In the lower left setting panel, you can choose different carousel effects and carousel time.


Merging and separating state diagrams

The mouse is placed on the toggle button below the state diagram and there will be different file name prompts. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple pages, right click and select “Merge as Statechart” to merge multiple statecharts; if you want to separate the statechart into multiple pages, drag and drop any button at the bottom of the page to get the status. Figure separation.




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