Plugin FAQ

1. “Prompt when there is no selected artboard when uploading in PS”

1. Whether there is an artboard can be viewed through the layer structure, or you can check the name of the artboard in the upper left corner of the design draft of the PS workspace. In the figure below, there is no drawing board on the left, and there is a drawing board on the right. If “Artboard 1” is selected on the right, and then the selected drawing board is uploaded using the iDoc plug-in, “Painting 1” will be uploaded.


2. If you find that there are no artboards to choose from, check the artboard options when creating a new psd file.

PS drawing board


3. If you have already created a new file, you can place the created content on the artboard via the Layer > New > Artboard… action.



2. Prompt “Unable to install plugin” when installing XD plugin

Mac OS solution:

1. Open Finder and select the menu “Go” > “Go to Folder”;

2. Enter “~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC”;

3. If there is no “plugins” folder in the folder, create the folder;

4. Then run the downloaded plugin installation file (.xdx file).


Windows 10 solution:

1. From the left menu – plugins – development – ​​display the development folder;

2. Modify the current path to the previous level, the LocalState directory;

3. Check if the plugins folder exists in the current path. If not, manually create the plugins folder.

4. Once you have created the plugins folder, you can successfully install the hacker iDoc for XD plugin.


3. After the PS plugin clicks “Upload”, it is in the “Exporting…” status for a long time.

1. The newly installed plugin needs to restart the PS to take effect. Please restart the PS and try again.

2. If you have not solved the problem after restarting PS, please contact us (QQ group: 392271878).


4. Network error

1. Check if the agent software is turned on (over the wall), close it and try again.

2. Replace the network environment, such as using a mobile hotspot network.


5. When the Mac is installed, it says “Can’t open ‘hacker iDoc.pkg’ because it comes from an unidentified developer.”

The prompt shown above appears. Open System Settings > Security & Privacy > General, select “Allow apps downloaded from” to be “any source” or select “Always open.”


6. When Win 10 is installed, the prompt “Windows has protected your computer”

If this happens, please click on “More Information” > “Always Run” to install.


7. No content is displayed after the plugin is opened

Please install the full version of PS, PS is an incomplete version such as Lite, and extensions may not be available.


8. Plugin upload error: “There is a problem with the generator”

Open Preferences > Plug-ins and uncheck Enable Generator. For layers with a yellow exclamation mark, delete the redo (the layer that loses the font can be re-set the font resolution, or right-click the grid) Text).


9. After the installation is complete, the PS extension still can’t be found.

This problem can be checked in turn:

1. Is the PS version CC version and above?

2. The green version of the PS may not support the plugin function. Please install the full version of the PS.

3. PS “Preferences” > “Extension”, hook the “Load Extension” switch;

4. Install PS in Win Do not modify the default installation location.


10. Prompt “Unknown error”

1. If this problem occurs, please check if the network is normal and try again if the network is normal.

2. The possible cause of this problem is that the PS document is too large. Please reduce the document size and try again.


11. PS install plugin prompt: “Unable to load extension because it was not signed correctly”

When prompted, please try to modify the registry as follows.

Mac modify the registry method:

Please download this file and extract it, put the .plist file in /Users/your username/Library/Preferences directory and restart the computer.

Win modify the registry method:

1. Press “Win+R” to enter “regedit” to open the registry;

2. Locate the location of the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/CSXS.7″ file. CSXS.5/6/7/8 may exist. Please modify it all;

3. Create a new string with the name PlayerDebugMode and double-click the input value to 1 .