THE HOT 100 is an app for playing and downloading music. It has a wealth of music resources, including old songs, pop songs, music stations and more. At the same time, THE HOT 100 also has millions of music libraries to download, and you can customize the management of songs, seamlessly sync iPod songs.

In iDoc’s Storyboard, the relationships of THE HOT 100’s design pages are shown in detail. In iDoc’s Comment panel, the places to be adjusted of THE HOT 100’s design pages are marked and illustrated. In iDoc’s Specs panel, specs, assets, and code snippets are generated automatically. In iDoc’s Prototype panel, hi-fi interactive prototypes can be built using real design files.

The interactive prototype—THE HOT 100 is made in Mockplus iDoc:



There are 9 pages in this prototype. You can see all pages and their logic relations in the storyboard:

music app-1


Hover or click on the elements to generate specs automatically. One-click to download assets:

music app-2


For team collaboration, members can add comments right on designs and all the other members can view and reply to the comments. You can mention members by using @+name:

music app-3


In the prototype panel, you only need to click and drag to create a jump link within the page or between the pages:

music app-4


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Click here to download the above pages.

Enjoy it!

Mockplus iDoc Sample Design – THE HOT 100 (Mobile, Music)