In the development mode, you can download the slices of all sizes for different platforms with one-click. (Please note: only iOS and Android devices supported, not including the Web.


The slice-cutting calculation rule when”Auto convert size according to the platform” and “Customize size” is not checked

When uploading a design page with Mockplus iDoc plugin, you can preset the size of iOS or Android for the design page.

Now let’s take a 200x200px slice in an iPhone8 design page (375×667) as an example. Select iOS @1x when uploading.



Since we selected iOS @1X when uploading the design page into iDoc, so the default size of the slice should be iOS@1x iniDoc storyboard. Therefore, if you want to download all sizes for the iOS slice, the sizes of iOS @2x and iOS @3x should be 2 times and 3 times of 200x200px respectively.


Since iOS @1x corresponds to Android mdpi, when all Android sizes of the slice are downloaded, the size of hdpi and xhdpi are 1.5 times and 2 times of 200x200px respectively, and so on.


Auto convert size according to platform

There three methods to auto convert size according to platform:

Method 1:

Select any desired layer and tick “Auto convert size according to platform” on the right panel:



Method 2:

Select your desired assets on the right panel and tick “Auto convert size according to platform”below:




Download all assets by clicking “Download” in the upper right corner and tick  “Auto convert size according to platform” onthe pop-up panel:




Calculation rule

When ” Auto convert size according to platform” is checked, the calculation rules will change, as shown below:

画板 6

After switching to the Android device and checking “Auto convert size according to platform”, you can download all Android sizes of the slice as shown below:



Auto convert size according to platform (New)