By default, iOS’s@2X -> @3X ratio is 1.5 times. For example, if your design page size is750x1334, its @3X will be scaled to a width of 1125. But we know that the resolution of iPhone XS Max is 1242×2688.


In some cases, if you want @3X to be the size of 1242, there are three ways to set it up, as shown below:

Method 1:

Select any desired layer and tick “Set iOS @3x width to 1242”:




Select your desired assets on the right panel and tick “Set iOS @3x width to 1242” below:




Download all assets by clicking “Download” in the upper right corner and tick “Set iOS @3xwidth to 1242” on the pop-up panel:


iOS@3X -3.2


The size of iOS @3X (New)