1. Export your prototype to HTML file in Axure

Click “Publish” and choose “Generate HTML files… ” in Axure.



2.Compress the Axure HTML file

Compress the generated HTML file into Zip file.



3.Upload the Axure file into iDoc

Upload the compressed HTML file into iDoc with one click or simple drag-and-drop.



4.Preview your Axure prototype online in iDoc

After uploading the Axure file successfully, you and your team can freely preview it easily by clicking the “Preview” icon on the right side.



5.Download the Axure file

Download the Axure prototype easily by clicking the “Download” icon on the right side.



6. Share the Axure prototype to others

Click the “Share” icon on the right side. A link will be automatically generated. You can freely share this link to other team members.

Then, they can easily open the link to preview the Axure prototype only freely.


How to Preview & Manage Axure Documents in iDoc?