Zobmies Run is a sport app which helps you to supervise your fitness program.I tried to make some stereoscopic effects in this app.As Mockplus has no shadow effect(Of course,it is not neccessary in prototyping),I used some methods to make the features of this app stand out.First,I removed some frames of it and only left the bottom frame, then highlight the bottom frame to make an Option with stereoscopic effect.Besides,I made some stereoscopic cutting effects with a splitterwith two lines of different colors.Let’s see what we get now!

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the GIF:

Mockplus Prototype Example-Zombies, Run

Click here to view this project online: http://run.mockplus.com/2InXvOHcTEhJyMDO/index.html

And here is the UI Flow in large size for it:

Mockplus Prototype Example-Zombies, Run UI Flow

The main pages of this prototype include: Sign Up/In, Jolly Alpha Five Niner, Missions, More, etc.

All the above pages can be downloaded from here.

All pages of the album (14 pics in total) can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy it!



Health App Design Example – Zombies, Run