This time I want to share with you a traveling app. I’ve introduced something we should pay attetnion to when designing this kind of apps. Today, I mainly show you the starting page of this prototype, on which I used a simple interaction effect “Hide/Show”,and I choose “Onload” as the trigger. Therefore, with only several seconds, the interaction is set. Let’s see what I get.

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the GIF:

Mockplus Prototype Example-Triposo

Click here to view this project online:

And here is the UI Flow in large size for it:

Mockplus Prototype Examples-Triposo UI Flow

The main pages of this prototype include: Start, Home, Account, Download Guide, etc.

All the above pages can be downloaded from here.

All pages of the album (12 pics in total) can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy it!



Tourism App Design Example – Triposo